Monday, April 1, 2013

SAP Authorized Training center Bangladesh

SAP Authorized Training center in Bangladesh (Dhaka):
Call: +8801938873016 [Enayet Hossain] - Exzatech Solutions Ltd.

In each fiend quality is the tune. Without quality training and education it’s impossible to make skill manpower. Same to SAP training also. SAP is having domination or monopoly of the education to a extent, but the cost and availability makes it impossible to avoid the unauthorized training centers which raised in demand of the people. Those training centers are not authorized that doesnt mean then they cant provide the quality education or training. Only thing they cant give is the authorized certificate but they are delivering rapid skill manpower. If you ask for cost SAP is doing monopoly business, and its even hard to get training from Bangladesh because there is no SAP authorized training center. So does that mean SAP is not focusing in the country or we are unable to bear that high cost. Other hand the local training centers is giving on hand training with good instructors sometimes the trainer is certified from SAP Authorized training centers. So the quality can be assured. All the training centers using SAP IDES software which they got from India or ther country even available on web. So don’t wait for Authorized training center, get training at the earliest and become experience. Remember experience is the main key to success. So don’t west time get trained to avail quality to apply for job. Read more about the fact in SAP at

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  1. Feeling interest on SAP BASIS learning. so need to know the name of the best training center in bangladesh and course fee.

    Thank you
    Md.Khairul Kabir Rezvi

    1. Hello Rizvi,
      You can find all the SAP training centers at this blog on post:

      and most of them charge around 35000/- BDT


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  7. Sorry to say dear SAP cannot be taught by people who have not worked in the particular field, one has to work first to understand scenarios. SAP training is very costly in India too because it requires special skills and a lot of understanding. I have 18 yrs of experience as an accountant and I am a SAP trainer, and I know what it takes to be a sap trainer. It takes a minimum 25 full days, 8 hrs per day of teaching for one to understand a fraction of SAP, it cant be done for 35K BDT.
    In india too coaching centres are there offering courses as low as Rs 20K INR but what they teach is not good enough. So for your own sake don't think one can be a master just by following these trainers in Bangladseh cause they are FAKE.
    Anybody wants to learn proper SAP ?

    mail me @

    All queries solicited

    PS : I am an SAP Listed trainer

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