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SAP BANGLADESH - The most prospect sector.

SAP in Bangladesh

SAP BANGLADESH – The most prospect sector.
  • ·         SAP BANGLADESH - SAP in Garments/Cloths/Fashion/outfit/Apparels sector which is main focus area.
  • ·         SAP BANGLADESH - SAP can be implemented within your reach around $ 0.5 million (license + Hardware + Implementation Partner) *
  • ·         SAP BANGLADESH - SAP can be implemented within very controlled time by perfect plan.
  • ·        SAP BANGLADESH -SAP can control this sector of business to make it stable.

Last few months I am having a question in my mind which becomes a must to express and discuss. Some facts those can’t be avoided but can be controlled. Are you confused what I am telling? Please don’t be, I explaining my areas of confusion. Let’s take an example; Bangladesh is a small country which is just raising her head in world economy. Bangladesh is well known in clothing manufacturing. Asia is the source of clothing manufacturing. Here China is the world’s largest exporter of clothing, marking up more than $150bn in exports in 2011 and Bangladesh ranks second at this sector by exporting about $20bn – that represents around 80 percent of all its exports. Here India is also behind Bangladesh by exporting $14.5bn. And Bangladesh strength is even growing because of its cheap labor and maintenance. And China’s market is squeezing because opposite rising of labor cost. But I have a question. Is Bangladesh really prepared for this growth or planning how to make this growth stable and fight in the world market. If the industry can export $20bn than there must be a huge planning for stabilize it first and than keep the accelerate pressing. Bangladesh is having about 5400 BGMEA listed factories. You can get all data from BGMEA web site

As I am not a Garments expert so here I will discuss only the control can be achieve by the ERP software. We all know the benefits of ERP software, as the fortune 500 companies use ERP for their business control and maximize revenue. All major ERP software is having Textile or clothing industry solution. Among them I will discuss only about SAP Apparel and Footwear (SAP AFS) as SAP BANGLADESH. SAP AFS is inbuilt in SAP ECC. You can find more details at SAP (Click here)
For your information I like to share that SAP is the world’s largest ERP vendor with market leading of 22% share in ERP market (Source: Panorama Consulting) So let’s focus what are the benefits can be ensured by SAP ERP for this industry:

SAP BANGLADESH - The SAP AFS Solution Benefits:
  • ·         Customer/consumer service can be improved to meet the needs.
  • ·         The must improvement in reducing inventory and capital investment risks.
  • ·         The ability to handle sizes (grids)
  • ·         Ability to categorize products based on their common features (like country importing the goods, quality grade of the product)
  • ·         Moreover can be boosting the organizations skill to respond to moving desires.
  • ·         Handling materials in sizes is a special requirement in the apparel and footwear industry. This is achieved with AFS Grid functionality.
  • ·         The organization will be able to more faster on generate requirements to execute the orders.
  • ·         The smooth controlled procurement process to monitoring the shortfall during the life cycle of the order
  • ·         Now more efficient and monitored and planned  manufacturing process
  • ·         Import and export related events have been linked.
  • ·         Can be handle the complicated SKU variants associated with clothing and footwear industry for handling procurement, production and distribution.
  • ·         Can be monitor scenarios of discrete and cognitive manufacturing
  • ·         Easily and effectively handling of subcontracted orders and specific outsourcing scenarios
  • ·         Enhance report for keeping track of delivery commitments and work-in-process goods
  • ·         Continuous exertion to avoid broken ranges and have near-real-time synchronization between stocks at stores and dispatch plans
  • ·         Can be easily identified and manage of tracking non-moving or slow moving stock and implementing an effective replenishment strategy.

These all the service can be handle by the ERP for these industries (SAP in Bangladesh):
  • ·         Weaving & Spinning 
  • ·         Sewing
  • ·         Dyeing 
  • ·         Knitted Products 
  • ·         Textile based subsidiary Industries serving to Apparel makers 
  • ·         Small accessories to Textiles like Narrow strips, Embroidered strips etc.

The modules can be offered for Apparel / Garments are:

  •          Financial Accounting (FI)
  •          Sales & Distribution (SD)                   
  •          Controlling (CO)
  •          Materials Management (MM)
  •          Production Planning (PP)
  •          Quality Management (QM)
  •         Plant Maintenance (PM)
  •     Human Resource Management (HCM) and Payroll.

And last but not in the list:
·         The resource of SAP or SAP consultants are available more than any other ERP in Bangladesh. 

As far my knowledge SAP is implemented in Bangladesh at this sector not more than 5%. So a huge field to work with and make this sector stable with salable control and world class solution monitoring.

I also know lots of companies are in confusion of taking SAP for its process and implementation approach. But believe me you can get SAP in Bangladesh implemented within your very range, please discuss with SAP Experts in Bangladesh before taking any decision for ERP, as they can guide you about the cost and the controlled implementation success SAP in Bangladesh. Don’t get frightened for the data and idea you will get from the marketing people of SAP in Bangladesh. And please be specific for your scope and don’t try BIG BANG approach for the implementation of SAP in Bangladesh, you can achieve your goal but you have to spend time. It’s not plug n play it’s all about your business re-engineering. For more help visit: Association of SAP professionals in Bangladesh

For More information:


N.B: I apologies if anyone got hurt by any unconscious means of my writing. I am not a garments expert. I am an EPR expert and want to analysis its implement sector to explore the truth behind the ERP implementation. All data presented here are based on personal analysis.

* This is an average assumption with limited number of license and perfect implementation planning. I will write another blog regarding this in details steps including plan, Step by step implementation, choose hardware and also for AMC (Annual Maintenance Cost Plan)

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  1. Impressive Writing after all. But sooner or later Bangladesh will move for Heavy Industry from Garments Sector in near future. So, may be we are going to get a more bigger market :) ...

    Razesh Dey

  2. In your article you mention about some module which is offered for Apparel / Garments.My question is how many module SAP have? My next question is please tell me the minimum mandatory module require for implement SAP in Apparel / Garments?

    1. Dear Sarwar,
      SAP is having lots of Module for every functional area. For Apparel industry you can start with minimum number of modules like FICO. MM, SD, PPQM after having success than go for other enhancement. Because any unstructured business will take time to be controlled by SAP or any ERP. main difficulties of any ERP implementation is people. So make the people prepare first than go for any enhancement or up-to-date reporting products.


  3. impressive & informative writing.Can you tell me what is the chance for freshers in SAP based/implemented industries?

    1. Hi sorna,
      We all were fresher and new to SAP once upon a time. We all are still learning. SAP is a huge in its every module and it's having huge demand in the market. Every companies who have implemented SAP is suffering for skilled manpower. Near future every professionals have to learn SAP to get job at big companies. It will be must have like excel. We the professionals of Association of SAP professionals in Bangladesh are trying to build that manpower by creating awareness among companies.

      Get training for any module will make you eligible to apply to SAP jobs. It depends to your job and education background remember without functional domain knowledge it's quite hard to make your self stable in the market. So take your domain specific training.

    2. Hello Mr. Rajib. I'm in-charge of upcoming SAP project in our company which is one of the largest denim manufacturer of the world in Chittagong. Can you please share you email address. We need to have some Implementation Partner Reference who have successfully track record in Ready-made garments industry in SAP implementation. We know AFS is the best solution for us along with SAP EEC. I contacted SAP Germany today and after analyzing our business requirement they suggest to go for SAP Business All-in-One – ERP solutions for SMEs. Please share you insights in this regard.

      Thank you in advance.

  4. Hi,
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    1. Hello vishal,
      Thanks for your interest. i have mailed you with my contact details. you are most wellcome to share knowledge.


  5. hello, If bangladesh's main strength is clothing sector than why they are nor structured? i also do business and understand that i will buy goods who is having good controlled company. so all the buyers should impact on making this sector more stable.

    Wish your right steps in time.


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  8. HI,
    I am working in Logistics & Supply chain management. and also provide customer support. want to learn SAP in the field of Logistics & SCM. found two modules, MM and SD. would you please suggest me which module should I take?

  9. Hello Bhasker,
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  18. Thank you for your well presentation.

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