Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards for iPAD/mobile – Find whats new in SP6

The most anticipating release of SAP now a days is SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius) (known as BI Dashboards / Business Object Dashboard) for HTML5 that is SAP Dashboards for iPAD or iphone. SAP has already announced the release roadmap and according to the roadmap SAP first release of HTML5 compatibility in BOBJ 4 sp5 in last 2012. But most of the fans were disappointed about the release because we have seen very limited mobile / IOS /HTML5 compatible components. So like millions of SAP Business Object Dashboard  fans I also waited for the next release of SAP in which SAP will solve those problems. 

Today I got the most waiting release SAP Business Objects Dashboards 4.0  SP6. I couldn’t hold my breath and  immediately installed. I have found some new changes which includes some internal development for bug fixing and compatibility. I didn’t look at all in to those because I couldn’t wait to see my old development to new look in IPAD

Original Development

IPAD view on SAP BusinessObject Dashboard 4.0 SP6.

What should I say! I lost my word after seeing this. Again it disappoints me. So I tried to drill down the root causes. As I know all the component will not supported by HTML5. 

Found lots of incompatible components as bellow
Then I tried to compare with the SP5 release with SP6 release and found very small changes
Take a look at iPAD view of the new released components
Again I have to wait for next quarter to see the rapid changes to make compatible with HTML5. But till now what i expressed doesn't mean that SAP didn't do improve this release. SAP has done a lot improvement regarding performance specially loading time and smoothness on Mobile devices. SAP is continued on investing and working hard to make happy of their customers and fans like me.

Never give up try new release and try it in IPAD with your new development with only Mobile compatible components till now. for testing your development you can follow this documentation run SAP Dashboard on iPAD directly 


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