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SAP hardware sizing/requirements and cost saving.

SAP Hardware
SAP Hardware

SAP Hardware Sizing by
*Next Upcoming Post: SAP S4HANA Hardware Sizing- How to build worlds most cost effective hardware for S4HANA on premise editions.

SAP hardware requirements Calculation for right size SAP hardware.

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SAP Sizing and Choosing a Hardware to save you cost.

A lot of the companies invest huge in buying right hardware for their SAP to run. I know lots of companies having SAP license but not going for implementation because of the implementation cost is huge. And one of the main expense is hardware expenses. Most interestingly most of the companies are not aware of the right hardware. If you analyze you will find most of the small and medium size companies having SAP installed hardware are less than 25% resource use. That is it’s a west of your invest. SAP has certified about 100 Three-Tier systems and 724 Two-Tier systems worldwide benchmark. For any new hardware for any SAP implementation or migration is a huge invest and sounds like a lot. So choose right hardware is a challenging part definitely. I will try to describe based on my experience and SAP’s guideline. click here for sample benchmark

The first we need to know our scope in details, lets summaries as on the bellow questions which will help you to make your scope well defined and fixed.

                              1. What are the SAP components you are going to use?
                              2. How many users for each server (Development, Quality, Production, Solman etc
                              3. Which hardware platform you like to use, UNIX or x86?

I think if you have the answer on those 3 questions than you can start for SAP QUICK SIZER to know sap SAPS benchmark after that you can go for hardware vendor. Let’s analyze how we can get those questions answers:
01. Most common component now a days is SAP ECC 6.0 and may have some other add-ons for example AFS. You may use SAP Solution manager, BI, BOBJ, PI etc. here I will discuss about the main component SAP ECC 6.0 so that you can get the bigger picture.

02. Hmm. This is a tricky question. I have seen lots of companies misunderstood this count. They count as many as employees they have all will be SAP named users. But the truth is you have to consider only the users who will be directly needs to use SAP. Suppose in your organization you have 1000 employees among them only 600 will need to enter data in SAP and use SAP to have reports. And moreover it depends on what are the module you are taking, suppose among the 1000 employees 200 are HR and 300 for production department but you are not taking HR and PP module so those users will not come under SAP users. A easy count I understand is that the number of Employees you have count 40% to 50% for next 3 or 4 years.

03. Here is another chance of banging your head. In market there is a perception is that UNIX system performs better that x86 systems. You have only 3 companies produce UNIX based hardware IBM, HP, SUN for their UNIX OS.

04. But do you know at what point you should consider UNIX? Or should you consider UNIX at all?

05. SAP Products or components can be scale out by Application server, so why you will go for UNIX socket scale up?

SAP Benchmark ? SAP has tested most of them are UNIX and those are about 3 to 4 years in age, so now a days you cant get those system In the market. And for core per processor count both UNIX and x86 is having up to 16 core/processors. So you can consider less socket now with most cores.

Lets analyze the core with SAPs count. I believe you will get interest here. A general term is the performance is depending on core. So more core more performance. Do you know how many SAPs can deliver per core? If we analyze the SAP’s benchmark data we will get the bellow picture which shows x86 processors delivers more than 1400 SAPs per core and UNIX processors delivers about 1400 SAPs per core.

So that’s the point to calculate or choose your right hardware. So if you need 4000 SAPs you can choose 1 CPU with 4 core or 2 processors with 2 core. Got shocked? Yes it’s the secret which your hardware vendor will not tell you, they will force to buy the latest costly hardware. Now it your call to choose the right hardware and cut the SAP hardware cost for implementation and migration.

For more information on SAP Benchmark on Hardware:

For perfect SAPs to CPU or IOPs convert always get 75% of your total core multiply by 1400 SAPs. As the bellow table:

Check the model detail on website :

The hardware here i have given in example is the sample. so please choose your hardware by your need.

Don’t worry my calculation is having proof here:
For 500 SAP Named Users Licenses is having 7800 SAPS.  the SAPs Calculation is as bellow from SAP Quick Sizer:

If you have add-ons component with SAP ECC than you can flow SAP's document for extra SAPs count like the bellow example: AFS Sizing -

Her is the guide tells what to do to add 40% of your total SAPs count to run AFS smoothly:

I will write another blog about SAP SAPs calculation…..

*All the information is self-analysis there is no direct link with SAP or any vendor. If you have disagreement please comment here.


  1. Hi Rajib,
    CAn you please write about the whole SAP hardware requirement for 300 users on ECC with actual cost calculation. it will realy help me to take my decission.

    Thanks in advance

    R.R. Krishna
    UP. India

  2. Great findings Mr. Rajib...truely appreciable and I do believe this will help people, SAP professional and Industries running on SAP will be highly benefitted


  3. Rajib, Sorry to say but your statement that Unix and x86 have the same SAPS per core performance is simply not accurate based on certified SAP benchmarks. You also say that there are no new Unix servers, which is not accurate either. For example, since you are using 2-socket/16-core servers as your base comparison, I find that a 2-Socket/16-core IBM Power Unix server (which came to market in 2012)running the latest SAP ECC release with Enhancement Package 5 generates 54,700 SAPS. That's 3419 SAPS per core (3418.75 to be exact). That's nearly 2 1/2 times more than what you say Unix can support. x86 also supports more SAPS per core than what you say but much less than the IBM server can. For example, the best Linux/x86 result is with a Cisco UCS B200 M3 with the latest Intel E5-2690 2.9GHz processor. It provides 35,680 SAPS which results in 2230 SAPS/core. The best Windows result on the same Intel hardware is for a NEC server that generates 36,770 SAPS or 2298 SAPS/core. Go directly to the SAP benchmark results database and search for SAP certification numbers 2013001 for Cisco, 2012035 for the IBM Unix server and 2012031 for NEC. So, an IBM Unix server with the same type of configuration than x86 provides 50% better performance. And the cost of the IBM server hardware is similar to x86 servers; where the IBM server would cost more is for using AIX, however because IBM servers pack a lot more SAPS than x86 you'll end up needing more x86 servers to run an entire SAP environment than with IBM. Therefore, you'll end up saving money with IBM servers. IBM announced many more Unix server models this year; Oracle also announced new Unix servers.

    1. Hello there, Great info... I am looking for some information regd how to identify SAPS/CPU or SAPS/Core for Intel based processer for Linux based operating systems....I am fully aware of how to identify the SAPS/Core for IBM based servers...

    2. Hello.
      I would request to read the article again. As its already mentioned there for INTEL and other X based processore .

    3. "x86 processors delivers more than 1400 SAPs per core and UNIX processors delivers about 1400 SAPs per core."
      You clearly state 'x86 processors' and 'UNIX processors'. The article is misleading in that context - what is your definition of a 'UNIX processor'? Linux is not Unix, so even if its a comparison to windows vs linux on the same x86 processor, its still misleading, because you statement is unclear.
      Processors from IBM consistently outperform, by a significant factor, the same class chips from Intel.


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