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The fastest SAP Implementation.

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SAP certification exam- The easiest way to get yours.

SAP Certification is one of the prestigious vendor certificate program which validates the knowledge and skills of SAP customers, internal consultants, and SAP partners and SAP independent consultants. For get this there are no mandatory restriction or individual selection criteria. If you are employee or students or business maker you can get SAP certificate.||

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In this blog post i will not discuss about the following:

                  Do SAP clients care about certification?
                        Does SAP certification worth it?
                              What benefits will one get by having SAP certified?
                                     What benefits will i get for career?
                                            Will being certified help you get your first SAP job?

rather i will try to explore how easily one can :

                                              SAP certification without training
                                       SAP certification with pearson vue
                                SAP certification cost
                         SAP certification information
                SAP certification guides.
       What SAP certification levels are available today?
To appear the certification exam without any SAP Education course or training you need to fulfill the following criteria:


  • 1 year of SAP Implementation Experience in module specific.
  • 1 year in present employer and the employer must be SAP CUSTOMER or PARTNER. 
  • You need SAP service market place ID given by present employer.
  • your updated profile.     
  • sample profile should contains the bellow information.
  • SAP Certification profile

1. To appear for Associate level certification without attending any SAP Education course or training you need Minimum 1 year of SAP Implementation Experience or 2 years of Support experience with minimum of 6 months experience in the module and version in which you wish to take up certification.

To appear for Professional level certification without attending any SAP course you need Minimum to 3 - 7 years of SAP Implementation Experience with minimum of 6 months experience in the module and version in which you wish to take up certification.

2. The last 1 year should be with your present employer.

3. Your present employer should be a CUSTOMER or PARTNER of SAP India Pvt Ltd

If you fulfill the above criteria please send your updated project profile as per the attached format to tulasi.ram@sap.com or education@sap.com for direct certification evaluation. On establishing your eligibility they will guide you through the process of registration.

Please send in your profile once you are ready to appear for the certification as the certification approval mail is Valid for 2 MONTHS only you are requested to complete your certification within the given time frame.

Evaluation of profile will take minimum 3 - 7 working days

Please visit the webpage https://training.sap.com/ for available certification details. 

Please note no assistance with regard to study material/questionnaire is provided for direct certification. Study material is offered only with training and not as a standalone component.

Certification fee for Associate level will be INR 39,326/- and for professional level the fee will be INR 56,180/- inclusive of current taxes applicable. Please note the price is subject to change as per SAP policy in a timely manner. 

Important Note: 
Clarifications required by SAP on the profile should be adhered to without which evaluation will not be done. 

Please update your profiles at the first instance. If SAP does NOT approve the profile on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information, you will not be allowed to update your profiles or re-apply for direct certification for the next 6 months.

Once profile is approved, the same will not be re-validated. Re-validation of profile will take please once in six months. 

Certification dates are not pre-scheduled & will be shared only on approval on receipt of documents for registration. If your profile is approved for direct certification, documents required for registration will be shared on the same approval mail. 

Feel free to mail back in case of further clarifications.

Note: Pearson VUE in India is authorized to offer only A1 and B1 certifications. All other certifications are offered by SAP India. To know more http://www.pearsonvue.com/sap/ but you have to get your profile approved by SAP Education before you can appear in Pearson VUE. 

Who Can Be SAP Certified? At What Levels? And At What Focus Areas?
SAP announced three levels of certification:

  1. Associate, 
  2. Professional and 
  3. Master. 

Currently the associate level and professional level exams are available. The master level is still in development.

Associate “This certification covers the fundamental knowledge requirements for an SAP consultant ensuring the successful acquisition of broad SAP solution knowledge and skills.”

Professional “This advanced certification requires proven project experience, business process knowledge, and a more detailed understanding of SAP solutions.”

Master “This certification, under development, involves demonstrating an expert-level understanding of a specific area of SAP software and the ability to drive innovation and solution optimization through in-depth knowledge and vision. Certification at this level requires broad project experience, comprehensive SAP product knowledge, and the ability to create a future IT vision within complex project environments.”

The Associate level exams test book knowledge. In most cases, this level does not require SAP implementation experience in order to pass the exams. Questions on the Professional level exams are designed to test the SAP experience of the test taker.

SAP takes care to point out that you don’t need to pass the Associate level exam before sitting for the Professional level exam. So you get to select which level you think you are qualified for and take that exam.

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SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards for iPAD/mobile – Find whats new in SP6

The most anticipating release of SAP now a days is SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius) (known as BI Dashboards / Business Object Dashboard) for HTML5 that is SAP Dashboards for iPAD or iphone. SAP has already announced the release roadmap and according to the roadmap SAP first release of HTML5 compatibility in BOBJ 4 sp5 in last 2012. But most of the fans were disappointed about the release because we have seen very limited mobile / IOS /HTML5 compatible components. So like millions of SAP Business Object Dashboard  fans I also waited for the next release of SAP in which SAP will solve those problems. 

Today I got the most waiting release SAP Business Objects Dashboards 4.0  SP6. I couldn’t hold my breath and  immediately installed. I have found some new changes which includes some internal development for bug fixing and compatibility. I didn’t look at all in to those because I couldn’t wait to see my old development to new look in IPAD

Original Development

IPAD view on SAP BusinessObject Dashboard 4.0 SP6.

What should I say! I lost my word after seeing this. Again it disappoints me. So I tried to drill down the root causes. As I know all the component will not supported by HTML5. 

Found lots of incompatible components as bellow
Then I tried to compare with the SP5 release with SP6 release and found very small changes
Take a look at iPAD view of the new released components
Again I have to wait for next quarter to see the rapid changes to make compatible with HTML5. But till now what i expressed doesn't mean that SAP didn't do improve this release. SAP has done a lot improvement regarding performance specially loading time and smoothness on Mobile devices. SAP is continued on investing and working hard to make happy of their customers and fans like me.

Never give up try new release and try it in IPAD with your new development with only Mobile compatible components till now. for testing your development you can follow this documentation run SAP Dashboard on iPAD directly 

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SAP jobs salary range - The Reality.

This article is about SAP Jobs salary range, SAP pay scale, SAP salary package, SAP salary for entry level or fresher, SAP consultant’s salary. i will try to analyze in a berief fashion. So that you can get the real picture about the top searched keyword "SAP Jobs Salary Range". Lets start the discussion with the bellow news from www.businessinsider.com

SAP position on 8 among top 10 Highest-Paying Tech Companies.

SAP Jobs Salary range
SAP Jobs Salary

Let's Discuss on SAP JOBS salary comparison at worldwide with real picture:
We have discussed on my blog why SAP Jobs Salary is higher than other functional jobs. But like every other jobs here also the hike depends on many variables, experience , your location, education level, as well as the location of the company you work for and the industry type you are in.

A very good and vast research has been done by panayainc.com on SAP salary worldwide, let’s find some of those real facts.

  • The salary of SAP professionals in North America is 25% higher than in Europe and those working in Europe is getting 35% higher than Asia or other parts of the World.
  • SAP Jobs Salary trend is much higher for high revenues companies, the partners and integrators than the companies using SAP or SAP clients.
  • The survey found that the education level is playing a great role in salary hike or SAP jobs.

The World’s uncertain economic environment for last few years seems to have a mixed effect on the salaries expectations of SAP professionals worldwide:
  • Among 8000 SAP professionals 62% got an increase in their 2011 earnings compared to 2010, and for trend to get more frequent Increases were more common for SAP professionals working for companies based in Asia (66%), Latin America (67%), European (57%), and American companies (61%).
  • And more about 65% employees (SAP Professionals) are Looking ahead to 2012, to have an increase in their salaries.

  • Company and Job Characteristics:

  • SAP Professionals come from SAP clients or SAP partners. Among 805 individuals the majority of the survey respondents (55%) come from companies that run their own business on the SAP system. (43%) from SAP partners.

    • And if you compare the 2 company types “SAP Jobs Salary range” or “average salary SAP” you will get to know SAP pay scale for employees of SAP partners/integrators is (4%) higher than the average salary SAP of those working for SAP customers or SAP using Companies.
      Which is just opposite than the same survey result on 2011
      We can have a look at the below chart for the SAP Jobs or SAP recruitment in world wide.  39% d in North America, while 33% for European companies. 28% for companies based in other parts of the world.
      The salary of SAP professionals in North America is 25% higher than in Europe and those working in Europe is getting 35% higher than Asia or other parts of the World

      On the other side 51% work in organizations that have more than 50 SAP professionals. Over a third (36%) work for organizations that have more than 100 SAP professionals.

      Job Function, Experience, Gender, Education
      As normal, the most earned professionals are in director and manager positions, But the difference of the highest earning position (ERP or Application Director) is as much as 75% higher than SAP Super User. Bellow we can find the salary range and sap salary package of the various SAP Jobs positions like:

      • SAP Project Managers Salary
      • SAP consultant salary
      • SAP functional consultant salary
      • SAP senior consultant salary
      • SAP Technical Consultants Salary
      • SAP Programmer salary
      • SAP Trainer Salary
      • SAP Super users Salary
      • SAP Users Salary
      • SAP salary for fresher’s
      • SAP starting salary

      All the SAP jobs salary range depends on job experience levels. The SAP average salary range for respondents with more than 10 years of experience is 44% higher than for those with 1-6 years of experience.
      In SAP salary range for women or female are not that much difference than men. But female should get encouragement as because the first 1-6 years shows higher salary for SAP jobs salary for female or women than men.
      Obviously as expected higher education corresponds higher earnings for SAP professional’s salary range.

      Our survey respondents have some insightful advice for advancing your SAP career:

      1. Get certified
      2. Understand the business side
      3. Develop your communication skills
      4. Keep up to date with new technology
      5. Be flexible and open to change

      According to the survey, project management (49%) are the most important for securing higher pay and additional job options and about other on the row are business function expertise (38%), communication (34%) skills  and analytical (37%).

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    SAP hardware sizing/requirements and cost saving.

    SAP Hardware
    SAP Hardware

    SAP Hardware Sizing by
    *Next Upcoming Post: SAP S4HANA Hardware Sizing- How to build worlds most cost effective hardware for S4HANA on premise editions.

    SAP hardware requirements Calculation for right size SAP hardware.

    • What is the right hardware or how to choose hardware for SAP
    • SAP hardware requirements
    • what is SAP hardware sizing
    • SAP hardware upgrade
    • SAP saps to cpu converter
    • Cost of SAP hardware
    • SAPs vs CPU core or socket
    • SAP saps calculation or SAP saps cpu
    • SAP saps

    SAP Sizing and Choosing a Hardware to save you cost.

    A lot of the companies invest huge in buying right hardware for their SAP to run. I know lots of companies having SAP license but not going for implementation because of the implementation cost is huge. And one of the main expense is hardware expenses. Most interestingly most of the companies are not aware of the right hardware. If you analyze you will find most of the small and medium size companies having SAP installed hardware are less than 25% resource use. That is it’s a west of your invest. SAP has certified about 100 Three-Tier systems and 724 Two-Tier systems worldwide benchmark. For any new hardware for any SAP implementation or migration is a huge invest and sounds like a lot. So choose right hardware is a challenging part definitely. I will try to describe based on my experience and SAP’s guideline. click here for sample benchmark

    The first we need to know our scope in details, lets summaries as on the bellow questions which will help you to make your scope well defined and fixed.

                                  1. What are the SAP components you are going to use?
                                  2. How many users for each server (Development, Quality, Production, Solman etc
                                  3. Which hardware platform you like to use, UNIX or x86?

    I think if you have the answer on those 3 questions than you can start for SAP QUICK SIZER to know sap SAPS benchmark after that you can go for hardware vendor. Let’s analyze how we can get those questions answers:
    01. Most common component now a days is SAP ECC 6.0 and may have some other add-ons for example AFS. You may use SAP Solution manager, BI, BOBJ, PI etc. here I will discuss about the main component SAP ECC 6.0 so that you can get the bigger picture.

    02. Hmm. This is a tricky question. I have seen lots of companies misunderstood this count. They count as many as employees they have all will be SAP named users. But the truth is you have to consider only the users who will be directly needs to use SAP. Suppose in your organization you have 1000 employees among them only 600 will need to enter data in SAP and use SAP to have reports. And moreover it depends on what are the module you are taking, suppose among the 1000 employees 200 are HR and 300 for production department but you are not taking HR and PP module so those users will not come under SAP users. A easy count I understand is that the number of Employees you have count 40% to 50% for next 3 or 4 years.

    03. Here is another chance of banging your head. In market there is a perception is that UNIX system performs better that x86 systems. You have only 3 companies produce UNIX based hardware IBM, HP, SUN for their UNIX OS.

    04. But do you know at what point you should consider UNIX? Or should you consider UNIX at all?

    05. SAP Products or components can be scale out by Application server, so why you will go for UNIX socket scale up?

    SAP Benchmark ? SAP has tested most of them are UNIX and those are about 3 to 4 years in age, so now a days you cant get those system In the market. And for core per processor count both UNIX and x86 is having up to 16 core/processors. So you can consider less socket now with most cores.

    Lets analyze the core with SAPs count. I believe you will get interest here. A general term is the performance is depending on core. So more core more performance. Do you know how many SAPs can deliver per core? If we analyze the SAP’s benchmark data we will get the bellow picture which shows x86 processors delivers more than 1400 SAPs per core and UNIX processors delivers about 1400 SAPs per core.

    So that’s the point to calculate or choose your right hardware. So if you need 4000 SAPs you can choose 1 CPU with 4 core or 2 processors with 2 core. Got shocked? Yes it’s the secret which your hardware vendor will not tell you, they will force to buy the latest costly hardware. Now it your call to choose the right hardware and cut the SAP hardware cost for implementation and migration.

    For more information on SAP Benchmark on Hardware: www.sap.com/benchmark

    For perfect SAPs to CPU or IOPs convert always get 75% of your total core multiply by 1400 SAPs. As the bellow table:

    Check the model detail on website :

    The hardware here i have given in example is the sample. so please choose your hardware by your need.

    Don’t worry my calculation is having proof here:
    For 500 SAP Named Users Licenses is having 7800 SAPS.  the SAPs Calculation is as bellow from SAP Quick Sizer:

    If you have add-ons component with SAP ECC than you can flow SAP's document for extra SAPs count like the bellow example: AFS Sizing - https://websmp104.sap-ag.de/sizing

    Her is the guide tells what to do to add 40% of your total SAPs count to run AFS smoothly:

    I will write another blog about SAP SAPs calculation…..

    *All the information is self-analysis there is no direct link with SAP or any vendor. If you have disagreement please comment here.

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    SAP Authorized Training center Bangladesh

    SAP Authorized Training center in Bangladesh (Dhaka):
    Call: +8801938873016 [Enayet Hossain] - Exzatech Solutions Ltd.

    In each fiend quality is the tune. Without quality training and education it’s impossible to make skill manpower. Same to SAP training also. SAP is having domination or monopoly of the education to a extent, but the cost and availability makes it impossible to avoid the unauthorized training centers which raised in demand of the people. Those training centers are not authorized that doesnt mean then they cant provide the quality education or training. Only thing they cant give is the authorized certificate but they are delivering rapid skill manpower. If you ask for cost SAP is doing monopoly business, and its even hard to get training from Bangladesh because there is no SAP authorized training center. So does that mean SAP is not focusing in the country or we are unable to bear that high cost. Other hand the local training centers is giving on hand training with good instructors sometimes the trainer is certified from SAP Authorized training centers. So the quality can be assured. All the training centers using SAP IDES software which they got from India or ther country even available on web. So don’t wait for Authorized training center, get training at the earliest and become experience. Remember experience is the main key to success. So don’t west time get trained to avail quality to apply for job. Read more about the fact in SAP at http://scn.sap.com/community/training-and-education/certification/blog/2012/07/24/my-experiences-with-sap-authorised-training-centers

    -----------------------------------You may find interest ---------------------------------------

    SAP Certification in Bangladesh (Dhaka)

    SAP Certification in Bangladesh (Dhaka)
    SAP has described the importance of its certification thus:
       ”SAP certification is the ideal way for organizations to assess and verify their consultants on employees' expertise and ensure that they have the skills required to effectively implement and operate SAP solutions."

    1. Do training and seat for Exam - for this anyone can take this no need to be a SAP professional.
    2. Direct seat for exam- Need to be SAP professional.

    http://www.pearsonvue.com/sap/ CUSTOMERS / PARTNERS / INDEPENDENT CONSULTANTS: section a. )

    The education training is totally separate from exam. so without take the training we can seat for exam. 

    -----------------------------------You may find interest ---------------------------------------

    SAP training cost in Bangladesh (Dhaka)

    SAP training cost in Bangladesh (Dhaka)
    Call: +8801938873016 [Enayet Hossain] - Exzatech Solutions Ltd.

    SAP FICO training cost
    SAP BASIS training cost
    SAP MM training cost
    SAP ABAP training cost
    SAP SD training cost
    SAP PPQM training cost
    SAP HR training cost
    SAP BI training cost

    -----------------------------------You may find interest ---------------------------------------

    SAP training courses in Bangladesh (Dhaka)

    SAP training courses in Bangladesh (Dhaka)
    Call: +8801938873016 [Enayet Hossain] - Exzatech Solutions Ltd.

    In Bangladesh SAP has already implemented in top 50+ companies including Bangladesh Govt. Sector. and growing fast. To apply in those companies job you will need SAP training which will keep you a step ahead from others. So be a step ahead to get the opportunities. The most implemented modules are BASIS, FI, CO, MM, SD, PP, QM, PM, CRM, HR, Payroll, BI, BOBJ, EP, ESS, MSS etc. There are very good local SAP unauthorized training centers in Bangladesh most of them are providing all the major modules training. You can choose SAP training according to your Education and job background.

    Association of SAP Professionals in Bangladesh can guide you in this regards. Visit:  www.sapprofessionals.com.bd for more information.

    For any module of SAP / ERP Training and guideline you can send your queries at rajibimran@gmail.com

    Guideline for Which course applicable for whom (Click on the picture for Large View)

    Click here to find the course you are looking for (Click on the subjects for course objectives)
    01. SAP Foundation/Basic Course
    02. ABAP
    03. BASIS
    04. Finance (FI/CO)
    05. Material Management (MM)
    06. Sales and Distribution (SD)
    07. SCM through SAP ERP
    08. HR/HCM trough SAP ERP

    -----------------------------------You may find interest ---------------------------------------

    Add this 2