Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sap Implementation Step by Step

SAP the world's most popular ERP software. It has already successful history for functional implementation across the world. So if you want to choose SAP for your organization to have better ERP the first thing you have to keep in mind that the success of your ERP is mostly depends on your end users. They will operate it and do all the transaction with the SAP. So first of all make your users aware that the no employee reduction and no extra handwork will have to do. It is for their better work efficiency and opportunity to prove themselves. Because they will be more independent and work-forced. To do that You can arrenge the flowing things
  • Make all the users aware by the advertisement accross your company.
  • Take some slogan proposed by the users for your ERP.
  • You can give a booklet described What is ERP, what are the benefit for users, why it needed. and so on.
  • You can arrange some seminar with each and every department with the concern module consultant. Make sure there must have question and answer session.
  • I have made some t-shirt with SAP logo and slogan and distribute my org's employee. so they feel more interest and happy to take new environment. You can apply it.
All things is to make the existing users feel free to accept the SAP ERP.

yes consultant are the major roll player at the time of implementation. They are the guy who will implement your SAP . They will flow the implementation parts and meet all the users for AS-IS process collection.


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