Friday, March 19, 2010

SAP All usefull tranjection codes?

AL02 Database Alert Monitor
AL03 Operating System Alert Monitor
AL05 Workload Alert Monitor
AL08 Current active users (in system)
AL11 Display operating system file from CCMS
DB01 Exclusive waits in Oracle database
DB02 Database performance; tables and index
DB03 Parameter changes in database
DB05 Analysis of table with respect to indexed fields
DB12 Backup logs
DB13 DBA planning calendar
DB14 DBA logs
OSS1 Online Service System logon
RZ01 Graphical background job scheduling monitor
RZ02 Network graphical display of instance
RZ03 Server status, alerts, maintain operations mode
RZ04 Maintain operations mode and instance
RZ06 Maintain alert threshold
RZ08 CCMS Alert Monitor
RZ10 Maintain system profiles X
RZ11 Display profile parameter attributes
RZ20 Alert Monitor 4.0
RZ21 Maintain settings for Alert Monitor 4.0
SA38 ABAP reporting
SCAM CATT management
SCAT Computer Aided Test Tool
SCC1 Client copy transport X
SCC3 Client copy log
SCC4 Client copy administration X
SCC5 Delete clients X
SP02 Display output requests

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