Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Importancy of core team in SAP

core team? are you guys stacking your eyes in forehead? Thinking what is core team meaning in SAP and what they do, and lots of queries in your mind. OK let me clear you. core team in SAP is a team of some member who have functional experience and well know about his concern departmental process. for example, if a person works in a factory as a plant maintenance engineer and he knows the process involved in that , he is the selection for core team for PM in SAP. The core team is the must part in SAP and it has lots to do in implementation like:

- arrange the useful requirement with documentation.
- Be a bridge between consultant and end users.
- scheming the flow chart and get approval from client.
- shifting existing pattern and give support to the end users whenever needed.
- configure new enhancements.
- They will the the consultant of that company when the actual consultant team leaves.
- They will train the existing users.
- They will solve all the reporting problem or new report comes.

So the core team will lead the company in future. So its one of the major hurdle for SAP implementation.


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