Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am a SAP BASIS Administrator?

Administration is as always is a great responsibility and charming job roll in any kind of industry. A administrator is always the key person to make the system run smooth and workable. in SAP there is a administration roll to play we call it BASIS Administration. The Basis administrator hase a huge roll for the sap system as well as for hole organization in sap part. Some of major responsibility are :

* Maintain the SAP system and watch in eagle eye that all servers are up and running.
* Install SAP database up-gradation and patches.
* Check daily system log for identify the rough points.
* Ensuring the SAP landscape and 100% error free with availability of system.
* Guide the sap abap developers to develop the new system as instruction like reports.
* Continue Design and modify the SAP Architecture according to new installation of hardware, software and workload.
* Create new sql queries and take regular manual backup besides automatic backup.
* Tune the database for achieve the target performance.
* Ensure the database security, finding the bugs and perform patches.
* create new authentication roll and assign it.
* check regular useer activity and system performance.
* Dont forget to check daily spool logs. etc...

Actually Basis administration is a no-night job means you cant sleep Idell. I fell challenging job is this.

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