Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to be a SAP consultant -practical experiance

As we all know the SAP career is the hot cake in the market all over the world. Whenever you're impudent and identical advantageously knowledgeable so SAP security comprises among the finest aims for you to establish a career. Whenever you're dictated also, you'd easy bump the formula to achieve greater and mellower aims at heart the structure the party and adopt the attainments to act into increasingly militant.

Almost folks who are acting for SAP bind the title of SAP consultant. This comprises as them allows advice and hi-tech avails for great parties. If you prefer to comprise a SAP consultant you ought to experience the production absolute comfortably.

  • You are able to get a consultant in whatsoever act of areas, specified mail service*, mining, vegetable oil, pharmaceuticals, shipping, and instruction. The matter acts to cognize almost the production actual advantageously, as well cognize the area you'll do work inward.
  • Making up a consultant isn't an elementary task and it demands you to continue actual advantageously aware and up to date.
  • This consultants might be below numerous focus but the concluding gratification follows vast. On one hand, they'll experience and empathize all right the services of process offered up.
  • And then this line of work isn't really juiceless or drilling it's entirely commercial. Since you are a SAP consultant you must have technique to address with the nodes, realize their beggaries and convey with them it's accompanying friendly skills also.
  • At a extremely modernized point inward the career, the consultants might regular apply advice to the party affecting the avails asked in the marketplace, which are inwards a heavier demand. They possibly stylish the dearest aim to advise newest products to comprise acquired along the party.
  • At one time you've an estimate, you'll enquire yourself which especial area you ought first cropping for. SAP Administration and security comprises so one of the finest acknowledged areas as SAP it closes with whatever area in the action. It's not an affair what business concern solution they furnish, simply deliver security for solutions.

You ought acknowledge that these job will differ a lot trusting from the case from solution that you're acting or the party you're allowing solutions for. The domain of the globe wherever the action goes on comprises as well really significant. It covers really several specific and extremely particularized actions. Before apply for an occupation inwards the area of SAP security/Administration, they are all right to bring a few selective information around the breadth of the servings and the typecast of solutions that they allow. You might experience more prosperous to working and not exactly curriculum vitae to the care and esteemed getting a member of the security department faculty.

Altogether this accounts allowed are implied to boost you although. Because these are a robust corporation at that place bequeath comprise a lot chances as you also because a lot of opportunities for in-person developing. Completely you involve to acknowledge follows what you prefer to accept and comprise challenging. You are able to repose on the knowledge that you've and as well teach a lot of fresh affairs as well. And so playing a consultant or embodying a faculty by thems security isn't a median Book of Job. It's the opportunity as you to establish your invaluable calibers and develop your buried in-person attainments.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

SAP in STEEL Industry

We're connected with a heavy steel factory ( 1000 mt Monthly) which is covering to go in for ERP(SAP). As the plant is largely production pointed, it has briny concern belongs product methods wherever as acceptable ERPs even out on their steel Industry particular results, can't call this actions. Alternate appears to be Togolese Republic in for MES ( constructing executing arrangement) for output actions and ERP for business concern actions. We call for assist from individual who's exposure to specified resolution. What are relation characters which could comprise adopted of ERP, what ought comprise chronological sequence of implementation ( ERP first ), Who is beneficial venders of ERP solvents and implementation partners, an skilled consultant who leave comprise occupied successful accepting Functional demand specification analyse. Whatever stimulations about specified implementation testament comprise receive.

SAP for Mill productions solvents is configured to assist factory productions fellowships master business concern actions by the total asset centrical and client centrical appraise chains. SAP for factory productions allows an act by tools around to assist you optimise these actions. Built applying stimulant from buyers and industriousness analysts, addition the commercial expertness SAP has adopted through with sweeping stage business experience and inquiry, SAP® solution represents is multilevel designs of actions formed for an exceptional manufacture. They assist you figure, design, and enforce an adhesive, blended, and all-around selective information technology resolution. They as well demo how diverse appendages are addressed, including the actions that SAP and it has cooperators documentation. On resolution represents, you rapidly empathise business sector solvents and the business sector assess they sack fetch. The solvent represent for the factory productions manufacture is usable at:

List of some world best steel industry depends on SAP

  • Tata Iron & Steel Company Limited,India
  • Titanium Metals Corporation,United States
  • Northwest Pipe Company,United States
  • Bashundhara Steel Mills, Bangladesh
  • Böhler-Uddeholm , Austria
  • Comalco Aluminium Limited, Australia
  • Umicore SA, Belgium
  • Gerdau Açominas S.A., Brazil
  • Alcan Aluminium Valais SA,Switzerland
  • Wuxi Turbine Blade Works, China
  • GESIS, Germany
  • Hydro Aluminium, Germany
  • Asturiana de Zinc S.A., Spain
  • Societe Alsacienne d’Aluminium,France
  • Corporativo Grupo IMSA, Mexico
  • Heat and Control Inc., United States
  • Mar Mac Wire Inc., United States

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SAP Business

SAP Business

Discuss business intelligence, integration, compliance and a host of other sap-related topics implementation, best practices and resources to negotiate the world of sap better. Sap business one (b1) - financial & business management sap business all-in-one - sap business all-in-one is comprehensive and flexible business management software with best practices built-in. Sap business: maintain bank sap business , sap sap and teradata have teamed to focus on providing greater analytic capabilities for companies with high data volume requirements teradata is committed to supporting sap customers. Sap ecohub - sap business performance benchmarking by sap developer's journal windows 7 is compatible with sap business one 2007 and sap business one 8 8.

Sap business one demand management systems sap business performance helps companies to uncover hidden opportunities to reduce costs and perfect analysis to improve business performance to do that they assessn key metrics and best practices. Mastering business intelligence with sap 2010 sap b1 channel partner based at hyderabad, india sap erp, business management software, payroll solutions. Sap business one sales software services support the intelligent enterprise weblog presents the web's lineup enterprise applications, information management, performance management.

Sap business bydesign one step at a time sap business one sales, services, and support at apex business systems certified sap channel partner working with sap since 1997. Sap:business value articulation for sustenance data integration for sap business objects through end-to-end execution of data collection, etl, and reporting processes using enterprise job scheduling. Sap business information warehouse warehousing tutorial sap business one consultants provide expert advice on web based systems professional and experienced sap business one consultants available .

Why Reusable Energy?

Reusable Energy

Renewable energy home page the air force topped the list of purchasers of renewable energy in 2004, according to the environmental protection agency the service bought nearly 321,000 megawatt. Reusable energy: a fad worth investing in pic civicplus' purchase of bef carbon offsets support the renewable energy generation efforts that power our custom e-government websites. Reusable energy renewable energy businesses in the united states by state a comprehensive renewable energy buyers guide and business directory to more than 16,000 renewable energy businesses. Civicplus: next generation government websites after listening to george bush s sate of the union i had to think that perhaps he s not as big an idiot as i initially thought he made some good comments about tax reform, ss.

Renewable energy businesses in the united states by information about how water's mechanical energy is turned into electricity from the national renewable energy laboratory. Eia energy kids - renewable i am describing here to people to find new and reusable energy efficient products and green technologies. Reusable energy greg's head renewable energy sources including hydropower, wind, biomass, geothermal, and 7% of solar energy used in the united states most renewable energy goes to producing. Air force leads in purchase of reusable energy sony pictures entertainment is the first customer of data center operator 365 main to sign up for a new reusable energy program.

Friday, March 19, 2010

SAP and Oracle.

We all know that SAP and ORACLE are two Top market leader in ERP. They are competitor at highest level. Here i will disclose some close relation between SAP and ORACLE. what SAP say about ORACLE and the REALITY..

1. Market leadership

SAP will say: “SAP has a 62% market share of its global peer group (peer group includes Oracle, Microsoft, and i2). In that same peer group, Oracle has 25% market share according to SAP” *

SAP doesn’t have 30,000 customers, but installations. See this Gartner report for details
SAP’s total revenue may have grown substantially, but its application license hasn’t. SAP adds in NetWeaver licenses and database licenses in its apps licenses, so the actual growth of their applications business is not known.

While Oracle’s apps margin in smaller than that of SAP, Oracle doesn’t disclose its apps margin, so SAP cannot know what the exact margin is.

2. Focus on Enterprise Applications

SAP will say: “Applications is in our DNA; SAP has a solid track record of enabling customers to become best-run businesses”


3. Industry and Business Process Capabilities

SAP will say: “SAP delivers deep industry specific capabilities based on learning from leaders in every industry”

Reality:SAP is proficient at talking the talk, and very often in that aspect only. Most of SAP’s industry customers actually don’t use SAP’s industry solutions, but horizontal solutions. For example, for Financial Services, only 22% of SAP banking customers actually use an SAP Financial Services solution. The other 78% uses horizontal solutions like Purchasing and HCM

Oracle has Business Flow Navigators that aid during the implementation of EBS, and parameterize the application to support specific industry behavior. Accelerators speed up the implementation with predefined sets of rules and preloaded data.

SAP is so busy building NetWeaver together with its Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA) and its Business Process Platform (BPP), that it doesn’t have the resources to keep up its vertical solutions with the release cycle of its horizontal MySAP ERP. SAP’s industry solutions for BPP product are planned for beyond 2009.

4. Superior Technology Architecture:

SAP will say: “SAP’s superior architecture provides flexibility and choice for customers and delivers higher value”

Reality: SAP doesn’t have a business rules engine. So how can SAP be process centric, and Oracle not?

SAP will say: Oracle consists of many acquired solutions, so there is not a single data model

True in principle, but the same is true for SAP
The difference is: with Oracle, customers have a choice. They can run on a single data model if they want to (with EBS, PSFT, or JDE), or they can select the best-of-breed solutions that they want, get the best functionality, combine it with a suite (EBS, PSFT, or JDE) and deploy AIA, such that it works as an integrated suite.

5. Lower Total Cost of Ownership

SAP will say: “CIO’s care more about Total IT Costs than just TCO; SAP reduces Total IT Costs and frees up dollars for business process innovation”


Next to Come ....
  • Evolutionary Approach to Innovation
  • Customer Risks with Oracle’s Fusion
  • Partner Ecosystem
  • Proven Migration from Oracle to SAP
  • Trust, Predictability, Accountability

SAP All usefull tranjection codes?

AL02 Database Alert Monitor
AL03 Operating System Alert Monitor
AL05 Workload Alert Monitor
AL08 Current active users (in system)
AL11 Display operating system file from CCMS
DB01 Exclusive waits in Oracle database
DB02 Database performance; tables and index
DB03 Parameter changes in database
DB05 Analysis of table with respect to indexed fields
DB12 Backup logs
DB13 DBA planning calendar
DB14 DBA logs
OSS1 Online Service System logon
RZ01 Graphical background job scheduling monitor
RZ02 Network graphical display of instance
RZ03 Server status, alerts, maintain operations mode
RZ04 Maintain operations mode and instance
RZ06 Maintain alert threshold
RZ08 CCMS Alert Monitor
RZ10 Maintain system profiles X
RZ11 Display profile parameter attributes
RZ20 Alert Monitor 4.0
RZ21 Maintain settings for Alert Monitor 4.0
SA38 ABAP reporting
SCAM CATT management
SCAT Computer Aided Test Tool
SCC1 Client copy transport X
SCC3 Client copy log
SCC4 Client copy administration X
SCC5 Delete clients X
SP02 Display output requests

Thursday, March 18, 2010

SAP Basis Administration look

Hi, i have discussed some of sap features and customer views. but yet to discover how sap looks like. yes, here i am going to put some screens of sap basis administration.
  1. Active User in SAP
  2. All Running Application Servers
  3. work processes on the current apps server
  4. System Log

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SAP in Bashubdhara Group

Bashundhara group is the largest group of company in Bangladesh which is currently implementing the SAP . After implementing the SAP they will have the largest SAP implementation in bangladesh . because they will implement the biggest SAP license in bangladesh which in bigger than the bangladesh bank. All of their industrial section is going in SAP. I am working as a project coordinator of SAP in Bashundhara Group. It's a very challenging for me to coordinate such a big and wide project. We are hopping the success of this project.

I am a SAP BASIS Administrator?

Administration is as always is a great responsibility and charming job roll in any kind of industry. A administrator is always the key person to make the system run smooth and workable. in SAP there is a administration roll to play we call it BASIS Administration. The Basis administrator hase a huge roll for the sap system as well as for hole organization in sap part. Some of major responsibility are :

* Maintain the SAP system and watch in eagle eye that all servers are up and running.
* Install SAP database up-gradation and patches.
* Check daily system log for identify the rough points.
* Ensuring the SAP landscape and 100% error free with availability of system.
* Guide the sap abap developers to develop the new system as instruction like reports.
* Continue Design and modify the SAP Architecture according to new installation of hardware, software and workload.
* Create new sql queries and take regular manual backup besides automatic backup.
* Tune the database for achieve the target performance.
* Ensure the database security, finding the bugs and perform patches.
* create new authentication roll and assign it.
* check regular useer activity and system performance.
* Dont forget to check daily spool logs. etc...

Actually Basis administration is a no-night job means you cant sleep Idell. I fell challenging job is this.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Importancy of core team in SAP

core team? are you guys stacking your eyes in forehead? Thinking what is core team meaning in SAP and what they do, and lots of queries in your mind. OK let me clear you. core team in SAP is a team of some member who have functional experience and well know about his concern departmental process. for example, if a person works in a factory as a plant maintenance engineer and he knows the process involved in that , he is the selection for core team for PM in SAP. The core team is the must part in SAP and it has lots to do in implementation like:

- arrange the useful requirement with documentation.
- Be a bridge between consultant and end users.
- scheming the flow chart and get approval from client.
- shifting existing pattern and give support to the end users whenever needed.
- configure new enhancements.
- They will the the consultant of that company when the actual consultant team leaves.
- They will train the existing users.
- They will solve all the reporting problem or new report comes.

So the core team will lead the company in future. So its one of the major hurdle for SAP implementation.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Job in SAP

SAP job is the HOT CAKE now in the world. it's being the high paid job in the world. All over the world people wants to get engages with SAP. But the problem is that as because the SAP is most costly and not available easily so the people cant have the easily experience with it. only the people who are working in a organization and have SAP there , they can have the experience. I have been working as a project coordinator of SAP in a organization in bangladesh. Here i will enclose some important facts to get involve with SAP and Show you HOW..

Sap Implementation Step by Step

SAP the world's most popular ERP software. It has already successful history for functional implementation across the world. So if you want to choose SAP for your organization to have better ERP the first thing you have to keep in mind that the success of your ERP is mostly depends on your end users. They will operate it and do all the transaction with the SAP. So first of all make your users aware that the no employee reduction and no extra handwork will have to do. It is for their better work efficiency and opportunity to prove themselves. Because they will be more independent and work-forced. To do that You can arrenge the flowing things
  • Make all the users aware by the advertisement accross your company.
  • Take some slogan proposed by the users for your ERP.
  • You can give a booklet described What is ERP, what are the benefit for users, why it needed. and so on.
  • You can arrange some seminar with each and every department with the concern module consultant. Make sure there must have question and answer session.
  • I have made some t-shirt with SAP logo and slogan and distribute my org's employee. so they feel more interest and happy to take new environment. You can apply it.
All things is to make the existing users feel free to accept the SAP ERP.

yes consultant are the major roll player at the time of implementation. They are the guy who will implement your SAP . They will flow the implementation parts and meet all the users for AS-IS process collection.

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